• The Lost Ways

    Claude Davis is something of a modern day survival expert. In fact his expertise goes a step further from the general survival genre: namely he is a doomsday prepper. He is one of those people that believe that sooner or later America will implode in on itself and chaos will reign. Whether you share his view on this subject or not is beside the point of this offer. At the end of the day what he is offering is a crash course in survival and you can take what you may of it.


    The Lost Ways


    Claude Davis has thought of many different disaster scenarios and come up with ways to deal with them all. He has placed all of these carefully thought out disaster situations and appropriate solutions in his guide “The Lost Ways.” “The Lost Ways” is a detailed look into the survival tactics of our forefathers…the ones that really worked. These are methods that have beed proven to work and remain valid even in our modern day and age.

    What Davis is ultimately offering in “The Lost Ways” are survival tips that were forged and used by the forefathers of our nation. He emphasizes remembering and making use of these tactics so that they are not forgotten and he insists that they are still viable in our modern age. His survival methods are things that can be done on a daily basis at a slower pace right now and will prepare you for any kind of impending doom. These tactics will not only help you survive a sudden and major disaster but keep the knowledge of our forefathers alive in the modern zeitgeist and put us more in touch with nature and the natural human survival skills that we should all have. 

    So Davis has composed “The Lost Ways” which taps into the knowledge of older generations who had to do with much less than we do nowadays and making it available to the general public. “The Lost Ways” draws from the experiences and proven methods of yesteryear when people didn’t have cars, the internet or even electricity. He asserts that most of the book was not actually written by him but are firsthand accounts from his grandfather and people of the same generation of how to survive when you have very little.


    What You Can Learn


    By buying this book, you will make yourself privy to the survival methods of the pioneers. You will learn things from various experts like building an underground roundhouse that can be used as a bunker and shelter from storms, creating poultices from natural ingredients that will serve as a medicine in times of crisis, how to get food from nature and store it so that it doesn’t go bad, building a smoke house, making pemmican and other essential survival techniques. You will also get some bonus materials that cover what you should be growing your backyard and how to survive total electrical failure. 



    Davis taps knowledge from both modern survival experts and individuals who actually lived through times that were devoid of our modern conveniences and luxuries.


    Some of the tips in “The Lost Ways” are intended for the direst of situations and are not really for everyday use.


    The Bottom Line

    There are some very practical pointers in this book that can be applied to everyday life but unless you are really concerned about the world going to hell in a hand basket you may not find enough value in “The Lost Ways” to justify it’s price.

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