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    The proprietor of blackoutusa.org is a doomsday prepper. His sales site will tell you that the end is coming soon and the culprit will not be another nation, a flood a monstrous fire or any other kind of disaster that we are used to seeing in the news or reading about. He emphasizes the threat of electrical warfare and internet warfare. He takes his claims one step further when he says that the party responsible for knocking out our electrical grids and attacking our internet communications will be ISIS.


    Black Out USA


    The proprietor of blackoutusa.org is a doomsday prepper. He is an expert when it comes to preparing for the worst and in his guide, “Blackout USA” he goes over what you can do in the face of total electrical grid failure. We learn from his site that electrical warfare is a very likely situation and that it will bring about a unique set of challenges. This is where his guide comes in. It is specifically composed to usher you through total electrical grid failure and to help you come out on top. 

    There are some very practical and useful facts contained in this offer. The purpose of his guide is to teach you how to care for yourself and your loved ones when there is no way for you to communicate long-distance, when GPS systems fail and when you are even unable to withdraw money from your bank. With no electricity and no internet, the author asserts that we will be sitting ducks and vulnerable to worst kinds of treatment and conditions unless we know how to protect ourselves. This is what his offer is all about. The author says that if you take him up on his offer and purchase his guide that you will find out all you will need to know about surviving a total electrical failure. 


    What Is Offered


    What the author of “Blackout USA” preaches is a specific methodology of survivalist tactics that includes storing food, building bunkers, distilling water, constructing shelters and even creating your own medicine. His guide will teach you how to do all of these things and more. Even basic survival tips like starting and maintaining fires and basic hygiene are covered in this guide. 

    This guide covers the most heinous conditions that humanity can be plunged into in the case of total electrical failure including rioting and looting in the streets. So in essence, this guide will teach you how to survive and protect your family when other people around you start to get desperate. Things like communication apart from cell phones and internet are also covered in this guide. 



    The creator of this guide has done extensive research on the subject of electrical failure survival and has filtered through what he has learned to compose the guide he is offering. What you end up with in the end is a straight to the point walkthrough of do’s and don’ts in a survival situation.



    There is no audio or video evidence of how the methods were found by one of the guide’s most important sources: a professor who lived among the Amish in order to learn how to survive without electricity. 

    Final Notes

    Overall there is a lot of sound and practical knowledge being shared in “Blackout USA.” You don’t have to be a doomsday prepper in order to get at least some value out of this guide. However, if you are concerned about protecting yourself and your family in the event of a prolonged blackout, this guide may be an extremely useful tool.

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